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Revised Rules Signed Paperback


Book Three In A Four-Part Complete Series

Control is often fleeting, easily stolen and fun to lose. Landon and Aurora return in the final instalment of their story.
Secrets are kept and lies are hidden, as they try to fit into each other’s worlds. Who will come out on top in their fight for dominance?
Now that they are together they try to put their rules behind them but it might be easier said than done. Living together so early on in their relationship seemed like a great idea when Aurora first moved in, but a few weeks in they are beginning to realise that they both have flaws.
Aurora still hasn't told her parents that she is living with Landon, much to his irritation and Landon is distracted with the running of his father's company and life just continues to gets even more complicated.
Neither one of them feels in control of what's happening around them. Together they realise just how intense it can be when the person you love is giving you that control, and that losing control can be even more exhilarating when you lose it together.
Can this British bad boy and pretty English socialite give up the control they both crave or will they destroy each other with it?

More About The Rules Series

Aurora Stone is the daughter of two of London’s High Society Elites. Her entire life has been dictated by her parents and she’s finally ready to break free from their expectations and rules.
A one-night-stand with CEO bad boy and all-round “manwhore” Landon Peters is the perfect place to start.
Landon agrees to help her break her rules but with every rule he helps her break, she breaks at least five of his. He doesn’t understand how a girl he barely knows could possibly get under his skin when he’s managed to keep all the rest at arm’s length.
His world and the control he usually wields is unravelling and fast. Aurora’s ability to make his rules seem completely irrelevant terrifies him. He doesn’t do vulnerable and that’s exactly what she makes him; weak and completely at her mercy.
Can this British bad boy and pretty English socialite build a future together or is what they have really just sex?

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The Rules Series is the first series in an ongoing British Contemporary Romance Saga - Hanleigh's London - and is followed by The History Series.

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