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Can their love overcome the past or will history just keep coming back to haunt them?

Forging History is the third book in a second chance romance series from USA Today Bestselling Author, Hanleigh Bradley. The banter is quick witted, unprofessional and downright naughty as this pair try to find out if they have a future together despite their past.

Clara and Andrew seem to have finally come to terms with their past. Not only can’t it be erased, it’s what makes them, Clara and Andrew.
Now when their past comes calling once again, they face it head on, together.
After over a decade’s worth of tears, what lies in store for this pair?
Is history all that lies between them or will they finally have the future they want?

"Hanleigh, my beautiful new friend, stand proud, for you are an extremely talented writer." - Bloggers Down Under
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