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The Long Fuse - Why the Buddha Never Took Aspirin

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‘Hey, are you suffering from any disorders?’

‘Hmm, I don’t think so.’

‘Are you sure?’

‘Yes, I am sure.’

‘Then why were you in a lousy mood yesterday and gulping down those aspirins?’

‘Oh, yesterday was real bad.’

‘Why was it bad?’

‘Well, I had slogged and burnt the midnight oil to help my client, and guess what happened?’

‘I am not good at guessing. Tell me.’

‘Well, I didn’t get any appreciation for the hard work I did. Not even a simple thank you. And the client even had the nerve to find some silly faults and shout at me. I was extremely disappointed at his behavior. That’s why I was in a bad mood.’

‘Aha, I knew it! You are suffering from a disorder.’

‘Hey, what disorder are you talking about? Is it wrong to expect some thanks for what I did?’

‘Yes, it is wrong.’

‘Now, come on! Don’t be silly. It is natural for everyone to expect some appreciation for their work, or to get angry when insulted. You know everybody wears a hat that says - make me feel special.’

‘Hmm, no wonder you look stressed and exhausted wearing that heavy hat. Just throw it away and you will soon become taller, lighter and vibrant.’

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