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The Gibraltor Briefcase - The Wise Weapons of Exceptional Executives

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The Gibraltar Briefcase is a bunch of raw advice on management, leadership, and self-improvement for the modern business executive. The Rock of Gibraltar, or Pillar of Hercules, located in Europe has been standing tough and strong for centuries despite several enemy attacks and long sieges and nothing can destroy the Rock or her people. The statement ‘Solid as the rock of Gibraltar’ is often used to describe a person that cannot fail or be subdued. To become such a rock, you must continuously repair and detoxify yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually to protect the forts you hold dear. The techniques in this book are the knowledge weapons to help you thrive and survive in modern stressful workplaces and become like a rock but without turning into a stone. Ancient humans survived by eating food and fruits in their raw, natural state. But the modern human has become largely dependent on processed, packaged and contaminated food. Similarly, the modern business executive today has limited access to natural unadulterated advice and has become accustomed to canned management fodder. This lack of clean advice is leading to constant stress, unrealistic expectations, rapid burnout, etc., on all modern executives worldwide.

Essentially, there are two ways to lead one’s life. The first way is you can either slog through life, waste time, energy, or make endless mistakes trying to discover things from your own experience. And the second way is you can profit from the knowledge and wisdom gained and documented by others. This book shows how you can benefit from the second way. Like a banquet containing an array of delicious healthy fruits, this book contains a bunch of diverse chapters that can change the way you look at yourself, your colleagues, and the wacky world around you. Though there is no promise of revolutionary magic here, you will definitely see improved results if you use the advice within to guide your future actions. Give it a try. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Outstanding advice to be always clear in an unclear business world. An antioxidant for the corporate world.
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