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The Curses of a Thousand Mothers - How we Pursue Joyful Sins

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‘Hey, have you committed any sins today?’


‘No? How about yesterday?’


‘No? What about the day before yesterday?’

‘Hey, stop asking stupid questions! I am no sinner.’

‘Oh, come on, tell me the truth. How many sins did you collect today?’

‘Now stop accusing me, okay? What sort of silly discussion is this? I said I am no sinner.’

‘Are you sure? Yes, I am damn sure!’

‘But how are you damn sure?’

‘Look, I pay my taxes, I am a law-abiding citizen, I haven’t killed anybody, and I give the best to my family, and hence I am no sinner! Stop asking rubbish questions. Besides, I don’t believe in such ancient crap.’

‘But why don’t you believe in it?’

‘Hey, it is the 21st century, stupid! Concepts like sins are just superstitious garbage. It is pure nonsense, idiotic, lies, hogwash, foolish, silly, brainless, humbug, bullshit, irrational, crazy, absurd, ridiculous, stupid and gobbledygook, believed only by spiritual lunatics who have lost the plot! I laugh and sneer at such trash!’

‘Hmm, okay. I loved your maniacal laugh. So what sins have you committed today?’

‘Hey, are you on rewind or something? Didn’t you understand what I said? I told you I am no sinner.’
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