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No Easy Future - Seven Habits to Tackle Tomorrow

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David Thoreau, a famous multi skilled personality of the 1850s once said, ‘The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.’ And his golden words have remained true even after one hundred and fifty years. This is because from the time you get up till the time you go to sleep you are constantly bombarded with scary news like – the future is tough, the future is bleak, bad things are coming, costs will skyrocket, economies will collapse, etc. And every such scary statement can make you do crazy things like ruining your work-life balance, or join the reckless rat race, or become physically and emotionally burned out, or get hopelessly sucked into keeping up with the Joneses, etc. Or you may feel like giving up everything and seriously consider becoming a hermit in a forest. And many people actually think that’s a superb idea. But is it really possible? Can you really give up everything, escape into some forest, become a hermit and lead a jolly life? Unfortunately, it is neither practical nor possible for everyone. Secondly, even if you enter a forest to try that it is impossible to start living like Tarzan by making friends with all the animals and fighting crocodiles when necessary. Living in a forest involves learning several tough survival skills, icky lifestyle changes and a long time to blend into a forest life. So running away to a real forest to escape the hassles of the modern concrete jungle is a lousy idea. Hence, you must to learn to thrive and survive in the modern concrete jungle even if it is difficult.

But, wait, don’t be disappointed! It is still possible to experience several of the joys of a hermit without actually running away to a real forest. Now how is that possible? The answer lies in learning a few essential habits and making certain lifestyle changes from what you were doing and thinking till now, to what you will be doing and thinking from now on. But what exactly are those habits and lifestyle changes? This book will tell you what those changes are.
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