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How To Be Calmer - Super Pack 5 Books In 1

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Learn 25 ways to reduce stress and discover how to calm down.
This Pack joins 5 books of the How To Be Calmer collection by Zen Michael.

Use it to save and learn simple ways to be more present every day, ways to reduce and manage stress in your daily life.

This series brings you simple and creative mindfulness activities that will help you calm down and work through anger.

These are the 5 books included in this pack, that explain 25 ways to reduce stress and how to calm down:

[ BOOK 1 ]
1. Be Calmer - Walking at Different Rhythms
2. Be Calmer - Count From 10 to 1, Not 1 to 10
3. Be Calmer - Drink a Glass of Water Mindfully
4. Be Calmer - Using Mindful Passwords
5. Be Calmer - It Takes Nothing

[ BOOK 2 ]
6. Be Calmer - You’re Not in Control, Accept That
7. Be Calmer - Changing the World Starts Inside
8. Be Calmer - Your Life Is About to Have a Dramatic Change
9. Be Calmer - 3 Ways to Put Things Into a Wider Perspective
10. Be Calmer - Realizing the Past Is Not Who You Are

[ BOOK 3 ]
11. Be Calmer - Practice the 2:1 Breathing Technique
12. Be Calmer - Meditate With a Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound
13. Be Calmer - Try a Daily 5 Minutes Guided Meditation
14. Be Calmer - Try a Calm 10 Minutes Meditation to Connect With the Present Moment
15. Be Calmer - Try listening to a Calm River

[ BOOK 4 ]
16. Be Calmer - While Cleaning Your Glasses
17. Be Calmer - Watching the Moon
18. Be Calmer - Try an Original Panoramic View
19. Be Calmer - Listening to Plum Village Choir
20. Be Calmer - Try Alternate Nostril Breathing Practice

[ BOOK 5 ]
21. Be Calmer - Don’t Let Your Phone Be the First Thing You See in the Morning
22. Be Calmer - Turning off Cell Phone Notifications Can Make Your Day a Lot Better
23. Be Calmer - Slowly Can Be Faster
24. Be Calmer - Practice Loving-Kindness Meditation
25. Be Calmer - Realizing the Richness Within Your Heart

Use this economic Pack to save and use this series as a starting point for a better life, as a tool for anxiety and stress relief, as a tool for a more calm and joyful life.

Remember you can always find peace and joy - just look inside yourself.
Zen Michael

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