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Diversion Shawl Pattern

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This uniquely attractive lace shawl has an original modular construction, but it is deceptively simple to make!

When Knotions editor Jody asked for an unusual shawl design, exotic shapes immediately came to mind. But then I thought it would be fun to trot in the opposite direction! So I chose the simplest shape every knitter learns first – the basic rectangle—and put all the exciting directions and shapes inside. It was challenging to design mitered shapes that change direction without breaking the yarn, as I couldn’t find any similar projects.

Elegant slanting eyelet lines draw the eye diagonally, and graceful columns of lace provide vertical movement. Small lace motifs nestle inside the mitered shapes. While the pattern placement may appear asymmetrical at first sight, there is a definite and pleasing symmetry to the design.

Why it’s such fun:
  • no yarn is cut and no grafting or seaming is needed – just a few ends to weave in.
  • easy stitch patterns with no patterning on WS rows – a relaxing knit.
  • you’re knitting just a few stitches (45 or less) at a time for the body, so you can work the whole body using small needles or dpn’s.
  • stitch directions change within the fabric, keeping the excitement alive.
  • each module can be completed in a short time.
  • tips and tricks are included – you’re going to really enjoy picking up stitches!
  • size is adjustable – make a scarf, stole, shawl, or even blanket.
  • you can use different colors for each module if you want to jazz things up, or to use up your stash.
  • finally, it’s a seriously addictive knit, and you’ll end up with a truly original shawl!
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