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Releasing Overthinking & Creating Clarity Meditation - Inner Wisdom April 2023

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I hope you enjoy this calming Meditation that not only helps you relax your thoughts, but release unnecessary overthinking and create more clarity in the mind.

As we help our mind become clearer, we can enjoy feeling more focussed and refreshed, and much capable when it comes to organising our thoughts and even our day to day priorities. This Meditation is in a lot of ways, taking back your own power, because when we release what we don't need, and feel clearer and calmer within ourselves, we also feel much more capable and energised.

As always, only listen along when you are somewhere safe, warm, comfortable and unlikely to be disturbed, and never whilst driving or operating machinery. And of course, you don't need to be a relaxed type of person to enjoy this session, as this Meditation is helping you relax but focus your mind, so it means you are staying awake whilst relaxed.

Love & Light Jennifer xx

You will get a MP3 (45MB) file