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The Self Meditation - Love, Forgiveness & Acceptance - November 2022

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I hope you enjoy this deeply relaxing and healing Meditation, focussed on loving, fogiving and accepting your whole self, especially your thoughts and feelings that may have been ignored for some time. This is avery relaxing Meditation, but can be a very emotional one that helps you on a apth of self growth and healing. 

This Meditation was featured in our Inner Wisdom Meditation class, however the recording was made seperately due to a technical error on the evening. 

As always, only listen along when you are somewhere safe, warm, comfortable and unlikely to be disturbed, and never whilst driving or operating machinery. And of course, you don't need to be a relaxed type of person to enjoy this session, as this Meditation is helping you relax but focus your mind, so it means you are staying awake whilst relaxed.

Love & Light Jennifer xx
You will get a MP3 (48MB) file