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The Shelterdeck - Series 2 Issue 1 - 10th August 2017

Second Series – Issue 1
In order to simplify things, I have decided to start the second series at page 1, and have all subsequent issues following on with consecutive page numbers. It will continue in much the same way, as far as the contents are concerned, but will not have the constant repeating of the preamble at the start. The price will be maintained at £1.49 per issue. Considering that this is less than the price of a cup of coffee, and a small plan is contained in each issue, I believe this represents good value for money, especially as each issue takes several hours to research and write.
It will not be a monthly publication, but each section will be made available as downloads as and when they are completed.
A separate index will be built up as the manuscript grows, and this will be made available as a free download after the second issue is complete.
As before, the accent will remain on the merchant navies of the world. Naval content, will only be that which involves the activities of the merchant navy.
A ship plan will be included in each issue, although I will not necessarily have built a model of the vessel shown.
This first instalment is pages 16 pages in length with 5,799 words and 19 images.
The content of this issue contains articles on:
The East India Company
A fictional narrative of an East India passenger ship from launch to her eventual demise.
A personal visit to the last surviving Indiaman, the barque Jhelum, in 1982.
The wreck of the Indiaman Blenden Hall on Inaccessible Island, Tristan da Cunha in 1821.
The MacBraynes ferry Lochnevis, with the General Arrangement plan.

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