Miniature Steam and Motor Ship Modelling

by Robert A Wilson


General cargo ship Glenmoor & passenger liner Kenya.


Robert A. Wilson F.R.S.A.

This is an E-book that has been produced specifically for computers with Acrobat Reader installed.   This is an international format, and Acrobat Reader is available on the internet as a free download, but most computers have it anyway!

VAT will be added to the selling price for EEC buyers.

It was first produced on CD disk that was actually sent by mail to the buyer.     This involved great delays when sending overseas, as well as production costs for the disks, labels and boxes, plus, of course, the postage.     By producing it as a download, the cost has been cut by more than half.

Occasionally, the payment will go through, but the download does not succeed.   If this happens, please e-mail me at and I will send it to you direct.

 At the time I produced it, I had not got a tablet, but I have tried it in a Sumvision Cyclone Explorer 7” Android capacitive tablet and it displays fine.

 This download gives detailed instructions for building a miniature model of the Glenmoor

To a scale of 32’=1” and a general illustrated building sequence, with copious notes, on building a model of the passenger liner Kenya also at 32’=1” .   Plans of both ships are included on the disk.

  It is NOT a movie, and it will only run in devices with ACROBAT READER installed.

 Should you wish to print it out, it will make an A4 sized book of 100 pages, with 23,639 words of text and 293 illustrations, mainly colour photographs

The chapters are as follows:

Glenmoor – Building the hull.
Building The display Case and Sea.
Plating, Painting, Accommodation and Deckhouses.
Deck Details.
Rails, Deck Machinery and Rigging.
Building the Kenya.
There is no index, because if you view the download on a computer, you can search the text using the “search” facility in the normal manner.

You will get a PDF (18MB) file.

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£ 4.99

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