The Shelterdeck, Issue 7 24th March, 2017

by Robert A Wilson

This is the 7th issue of The Shelterdeck, March 24th, 2017.    I have enlarged it to 16 pages this time, so that if it is printed out, it comes to an even number of 8 pages, printed on both sides.    Popularity of this online download is now increasing.    The price remains at the nominal cost of £1.49 per issue, apart from Issue 1, that is Free of Charge.     This month's issue contains a general arrangement plan of the cargo liner Flying Enterprise, an article on shipbuilding in the 1890s, how to make miniature cowl ventilators, the salvaging of the P & O passenger liner Egypt, recommended reading, and a list of all our current downloads, together with links to Payhip.   It has 27 illustrations in both colour and black and white.    It is 4,871 words in length.   A download link is sent out immediately Paypal payment is made.    If for any reason, the download fails to work, please contact me direct on and I will send it direct.


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£ 1.49

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