The Shelterdeck Issue 2, 29th October 2016

by Robert A Wilson

This is Issue 2 of The Shelterdeck

Sadly, only 27% of those who read the synopsis of the first edition of The Shelterdeck, that was published on the 30th September 2016,went on to download the whole document. Considering the fact that the download was free of charge, this was rather disappointing, but not unexpected. I had hoped that some readers may have purchased one or more of the downloads listed at the end of the issue, thus making the continuation of the “free” version a viable proposition. Sadly, this has not been the case. There have been one or two sales, but I am afraid there is not much interest in merchant ships these days.  It has taken over 7 hours to write this issue, so I have put a nominal charge of £1.49 on it. If sales improve on the downloads, the next issue may well be free again, but if, as I suspect, the charge kills off interest, I may just “call it a day” and discontinue it! The first issue of The Shelterdeck is still available free of charge.   The link is given on my website:    I had hoped that it might help to kindle interest in miniature shipbuilding, and life in the merchant navy of bygone years, which I personally find far more varied and interesting than the history of life in the navies of the world, but sadly, this does not seem to have been the case!   The links in The Shelterdeck will work, provided you are connected to the Internet.


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