Miniature Shipbuilder 2015

by Robert A Wilson

Miniature Shipbuilder 2015

This is my latest publication on the art of miniature ship model building.  

It only covers the building of merchant ships.

It has 158 pages (A4) size, 46,421 words, and about 285 images, mainly colour photographs.

IT IS NOT A MOVIE.   It will run in computers with Acrobat Reader installed in them.   That is most of them, World-wide.     Each chapter is complete in itself, so the best way to make use of it, is to just print the part you wish to study at the time

Neither is it really suitable for e-readers or tablets, as it prints at A4 size. 

The files will be sent automatically as soon as the Paypal payment of £8 is made.    Occasionally, a download does not go through.   If that happens, simply e-mail me at:

And I will send it direct.

Contents Introduction              3 Time

Economics & Other Considerations        5

Arran Mail, Scottish Coastal Vessel                    11*

Pass of Brander, Four-Masted Barque            19 *

Coastal Vessels & Colliers                        43

Tuscan Star, Cargo Liner                            51

Merchant Sailing Ships Over Four Decades        73*

A Selection of Steam & Motor Ships            93

Understanding The Lines Plan                117

Sailing Ship Rigs                                        123      

Dioramas                                                     137

Masting & Rigging                                       143

* These sections have previously appeared as Payhip downloads.    The Masting & Rigging section is a condensed version of the Svaerdstad rigging Payhip download.

Occasionally, a download will not go through when payment is made.   If that happens, please e-mail me at:

You will get a PDF (32MB) file.

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£ 8.00

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