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Fall in love with low-fat diet

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If you feel confused about how much fat to eat while following a low-fat diet, do not despair. This book will clear any confusion about fat consumption for good. Fall in love with a low-fat diet will help you understand:
  • How much fat do you consume right now? You might be surprised!
  • Why going vegan is not enough to achieve the optimal balance of essential fatty acids.
  • Why diets that are too low on fat are not the answer to long-term health.
  • Why all fats are not made equal.
  • What is the appropriate ratio between Omega 6 and Omega 3 fatty acids, and how to achieve it.
  • How much fat to eat on a low-fat diet
  • How to create a well-balanced raw vegan menu.
Reviewed by Melissa Maris, Chris Kendall, Olivia Hertzog, and Matt Bennett - see below.
You will get a PDF (45MB) file

Melissa Maris (Raw Food Romance)

"Zuzana thoroughly describes the topic of fats in great detail with clarity and concern. The world today eats far too many fats in the wrong quantities. Finding balance with our choices can be difficult, but Zuzana explains how we can do so in a healthy way. Her photography and meals always look so delicious and appropriate for human health. I especially love that she touched on the subject of the conversion to EPA and DHA since this specific topic is rarely discussed in the natural health world. Grateful we have Zuzana sharing such important information!" ~ Melissa Maris (Raw Food Romance), Raw food chef, Lifestyle coach, and blogger and Instagram @rawfoodromance

Chris Kendall (The Raw Advantage)

"Oftentimes we are told we "should" do something without a full explanation of how and why, this leads to less enthusiasm, clarity, and consistency in application. In this simple yet well referenced and detailed book Zuzana clears up the nuance of exactly what a low-fat diet is, what it looks like, why it's optimal for health, and how to apply it. They say knowledge is power but knowledge applied becomes wisdom. Armed with this extra knowledge I am confident that you will have more reasons, clarity, and motivation to apply this key information that can help you to grow in the abundance of health, wisdom, and joy that comes with mother nature's gifts and is our birthright." ~ Chris Kendall RHN, Raw Food Lifestyle Coach, Raw Vegan Chef, and the founder of

Olivia Hertzog

"As a low-fat raw vegan of more than six years, I didn't anticipate Zuzana's book to convince me even more of the importance of a low-fat raw vegan diet. Her explanations are clear and concise. Her sourcing is solid. In such a short book, Zuzana built a strong case for why eating a low-fat plant-based diet is critical for optimal health. Brilliant." ~Olivia Hertzog, Raw food chef, Organizer of raw food retreats, and founder of, Instagram: @oliviahertzog

Matt Bennett

"Fall In Love With Low-Fat Diet" perfectly explains why a low-fat, whole-food diet is so powerful. Fat consumption has become a topic of confusion for so many people, but Zuzana clearly communicates the "what, why, and how" in a simple and easy-to-understand way. This is a wonderful book!" ~ Matt Bennett, Raw food lifestyle coach, YouTuber, blogger, and the founder of, Instagram: @Rawintuition, Youtube: Rawintuition

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