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Fall in love with fruit

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Whether you are new to the fruit-based lifestyle or looking to bring your fruit-based experience to the next level, this book has you covered. Fall in love with fruit includes:
  • Over 60 pages filled with the essential information & recipes & vibrant pictures that will ensure your successful start with the fruit-based lifestyle.
  • Science-based information on why the fruit-based diet works
  • Valuable tips on how to buy fruits and manage your weekly supply
  • The concept of calorie density explained
  • The role of vegetables and fats in the fruit-based diet
  • Recipes for smoothie bowls, smoothies, nice creams, and sweet treats
  • 11 Inspirations for fruit platters to make fruit appealing to anyone
  • Reviewed by nine experts in the field to ensure the quality of the presented information. See below.
You will get a PDF (74MB) file

Chris Kendall

"Fall in Love with Fruit is a book that I wish I had when I first went raw. Jam-packed with simplified nutritional information, practical shopping tips, food combining info, and loads of delicious raw recipes, it's sure to physically and mentally satiate while titillating your taste buds! Within its pages, Zuzana openly shares her darkest struggles and the key insights, tips, and realizations that have helped her shake familial demons of the past to create a brighter future for herself and her children. While this book is meant to help you fall in love with fruit, I also think it will go a long way toward falling in love with yourself." To spreading the sweetness with much Peace, Love & Seasonal Fruit ~Chris Kendall RHN, Raw Food Lifestyle Coach, Raw Vegan Chef and the founder of

Justyna Stoklosa

"I loved reading Zuzana’s book! Even though I have been following a fruit-based diet for eight years, I was excited to learn new things from her book, for example, that starches spike insulin levels more than fruits. I also love how concise the book is - it has everything you need to get started on raw food, fruit-based lifestyle, but not so much info that you’ll get discouraged with all the science behind it. A wonderfully written, handy manual. Well done, Zuzka!" ~Justyna Stoklosa, The author of Follow your highest excitement and the founder of Instagram blog @fitshortie

Yifat Malachi

"I loved reading Fall in love with fruit. All information in this book is beautifully presented while being relevant, clearly articulated, and supported by scientific research. Zuzana did a great job sharing her passion for science and the raw food lifestyle. Anybody interested in the raw vegan lifestyle will benefit from the information contained in Zuzana’s book.” ~Yifat Malachi, Certified raw food educator and raw food chef, the author of Simply delicious 80/10/10 recipes for Jewish holidays, the manager of large Israeli 80/10/10 Facebook group, and the founder of

James Bebbington

"I have known Zuzana for a few years now and see how she is raising her beautiful family as healthfully as possible, all the whilst figuring out what that comprises off in her own experience. It's been wonderful to read this book and see all the tips, tricks, and strategies that she has learned and figured out on her journey. Presented beautifully and written with heart and sincerity. I think Zuzu has provided a great resource for those interested in taking charge of their diets - I look forward to reading more!" ~James Bebbington, Raw vegan athlete, World champion in freestyle kayaking, Public speaker, the author of Juicing for Health and Performace, and the co-founder of

Brittany Lynne Roberts

"I really love how gentle Zuzana's words of encouragement are. She provides inspiration and guidance for ANYONE who is skeptical or confused about the raw vegan lifestyle. This book is fabulous for those who want to learn how to increase their fruit consumption whilst reducing processed food consumption. This can be done to whatever degree that individual feels is appropriate for THEIR own body, at whatever point of their health journey. For individuals who are completely new to the lifestyle or who are much further along their health journey, EVERYONE will benefit from this book! The layout is clear to read and follow along to, and the colors/pictures are vibrant and beautiful." ~Brittany Lynne Roberts, Health coach, Plant-based chef, and the founder of Instagram page @thevegansolution and

Kelsey Card

"Wow! Talk about falling (truly, madly, deeply!) in love with fruit. I cherish the noteworthy moments and people who continue to epitomize, speak to and starkly remind me why I love this lifestyle so much. This deliciously informative, warmly supportive, and downright gorgeous book has done that in a special way for me. It's no surprise that Zuzu also packs a personal yet potent, evidence-based punch for why eating fruit satisfies our physical bodies and human spirit on a level that is completely unmatched. Anyone interested in feeling their best, healing their ailments, and ultimately connecting intimately with the truth, beauty, and bounty of living foods will be so fortunate to have read and utilized this gem". ~Kelsey Card, Blogger and the founder of Instagram page @rosieheals and

Damian Gardynik

"I was immediately inspired and invigorated after just a glance at what this rawsome mom of four girls and scientist done in her first eBook. Zuzana's book is full of raw and vibrant colors and delicious recipes. I love Zuzana's balanced approach to the raw vegan lifestyle. Her book combines science with intuition and common sense, making it valuable to all readers irrespective of where they stand on their health journey. Falling in love with fruit offers useful tips as well as personal details about Zuzana's own raw vegan journey. You will definitely fall in love with fruit! ~Damian Gardynik, Blogger, Raw vegan chef, the founder of Instagram page @rawtransitiondiet, and the co-founder of

Christianne Kok

"Fall in love with fruit takes you in the beautiful world of fruit like a trip to paradise. Zuzana explains why fruit helped her overcome mental and physical challenges based on her extensive research and experience with the fruit-based lifestyle. This book is a much-welcomed summary of her journey with fruit and the raw vegan lifestyle, and it is an excellent addition to her weekly posts she shares on her Instagram account." ~Christianne Kok, Health coach and the author of Introduction to a natural diet, Eating for vitality all year round, Raw vegan sushi book, and the founder of

Jade Tornquist

"I have connected with Zuzana for many years, and she has always been genuine in all she has shared. She has extensive knowledge of a high-carb, low-fat lifestyle, and she has learned a lot of it through her own imperfectly perfect journey. I adore her book and all it shares. She certainly has the real deal on this lifestyle". ~Jade Tornquist, Raw food educator, Blogger, Raw food chef, and the founder of Instagram page @jadeyraw

Fall in love with low-fat diet