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Niteblade #27 - The Mermaid at Sea World

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Hold My Hand by K. A. Mielke
Our children. I’d tried to reach them but none answered, and without a television I have no way of knowing whether or not the cracks in the earth are a worldwide occurrence.

Godfather by Megan Arkenberg
But that is all years and years in the future. Now, you are fourteen, squirming in the leather seat of your godfather’s car, wondering when he’s going to stop and teach you something fascinating.

Crossing the Veil by Jamie Lackey
A small, oval shadow swam out of the light. It bumped against her knees, and memories cascaded through her mind.

You Kill Me by Milo James Fowler
Months ago, we worked well with our neighbors wielding pickaxes, sledge hammers — one of them owned his own construction company; we owned a broom and a hacksaw — breaking down the outdoor stairwells, boarding up the windows of our units, blockading door

Hunt of the Damned by David Stegora
I could not tell what the voices said or if they even spoke words at all. I could only hear their sound.



the queen’s pauper by Anna Sykora
Braiding by Sandi Leibowitz
The Mermaid at Sea World by Ada Hoffmann
Bird Girl by Beth Cato
The Dryad to the Woodcarver by S. Brackett Robertson

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