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Niteblade #26 - A Fixer-Upper

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Niteblade's ghost story issue.


The Isle of Skye by Adele Gardner
It grew worse as the years went by, till the sudden bouts of agony were mistaken for asthma by those who would not have believed the truth. He could run no longer. In honor, he must face the adversary he’d failed to meet so long ago.

Dead Letters by Sandi Leibowitz
At Candy Alton’s vanity table, I brushed my hair, thinking about Dan and the family we might have had, those ghostly children I carried around with me, who changed ages every day.

Pushed Out by Jay Wilburn
He heard Hank cry again. Al took a step and rose up with it even though he could not feel it. He continued up one step at a time. He heard one of them pop. He imagined stepping on it again, but nothing happened.

Hanashi Ukemi by Kenneth Kao
It is not long before they return to haunt me. Years, or mere days. So many haunt me now that I cannot escape them for more than seconds.

Soldier’s Return by Robert Dawson
Her soldier still lives: alive, he cannot come to her. But some day, some day he will be free of the flesh. She waits through the years in the calm certainty that on that day her love will draw him back.

Memory Walking by KB Lawrence
Our town was newly made old, so it was not difficult for us to manifest. We chose a face familiar to Bade, but not too much so. A girl she passed everyday on the way from her fake home to her cover job, every day for four years she passed.



Wintery Silence by Shari Jo LeKane-Yentumi
Heaven & Earth by Adrienne J. Odasso
Envying the Dead by Francis W. Alexander
Hot Biscuits by Elizabeth Archer
A Voice, Independent by Christos Callow Jr.
House 5 by Adele Gardner
A Fixer-Upper by Amanda C. Davis

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