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The Mongol's Coffin

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"What a ride! Action—Check! History—Check! Blowing crap up—Double Check!
If you like James Rollins or Dan Brown then this is right up your alley."
A secret map…a legendary lost tomb…an army determined to bury it forever!

When a grad student discovers a musical map to Genghis Khan's tomb, her scholarly life explodes into arson and gunfire.  Grant Casey brings in his team for a race to the tomb—to prevent Chinese authorities from burying it forever.  Mongolian traditions clash with modern priorities in a high-stakes adventure to save one of the world's greatest lost treasures.

"If you thought thrilling tales of archaeological discoveries and conflict began and ended with the Indiana Jones movies, you’d be wrong.  In her gripping Bone Guard series, the talented E. Chris Ambrose tells tales not only of action, but of discovery and dedication of those determined to save important relics from our past.  Impeccably researched and well-written, this series is highly-recommended.”

Brendan DuBois, award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of The Summer House

The Bone Guard. . .where adventure and history ignite.
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