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Nurturing Britney

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I’m a stripper by night while I live plain and under the radar by day.
A gal has to do whatever’s necessary to make ends meet.
My boss has maintained a hands-off policy for me, but now I know why.
I’ve been sold. My innocent looks. My petite frame. My virginity. I’m a commodity.
I’m on the run. I’m used to living a tough life. I’ve done it since I was born.
When Davis takes me in, he offers protection, solace, relief.
He offers a chance to experience the things I missed out on.
He offers to be my Daddy Dom. I’m his little now. I’ve never been happier.
But my boss is looking for me. He’ll stop at nothing to find me.
Even if I could escape that fact, how long can I find comfort in being Daddy’s little girl?

I left the military and moved to Seattle to join my buddies at Black Blade Protection.
I left behind my little. We were growing apart. We wanted different things.
I spend my days and nights protecting people. Providing security.
I’m not prepared to be knocked on my ass by a sprite of a woman who can’t meet my gaze.
She’s the entire package—cute and sexy with big blue eyes and hair down to her butt.
She needs my help, but it’s impossible to ignore her tendencies as a little.
She’s vulnerable and alone. Nightmares yank her out of her sleep.
She’s also precious and gracious and has me wrapped around her finger.
I should keep my hands to myself. She doesn’t know about my world.
The choice is ultimately hers, but first I have to destroy her buyer and end the threat to her life.