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The Eternity Brigade

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Hawker was a good soldier -- so good, in fact, that the Army asked him and his buddies to sign on for an extended hitch. What they couldn't know was that the extension would last forever.

Century after century, war after war, Hawker and his comrades were re-animated over and over to fight on alien planets with ever more advanced weapons. The reasons for the wars were incomprehensible, but that didn't matter. All that counted was the fighting itself.

From incarnation through incarnation, one goal remained in Hawker's mind. Somewhere, somehow, there had to be a way out of the loop. And he was determined to find it.

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The Eternity Brigade is a thrilling read with a great central concept... a provocative page-turner that's easily devoured in one sitting.

— Frida Fantastic.

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Along with Joe Haldeman's THE FOREVER WAR, this is the best depiction of disenfranchised victims of the corporate-imperial combine ever depicted in the science fiction genre.

— Raegan Butcher.

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Stephen Goldin's scifi novel The Eternity Brigade is much, much more than a retread of a Ringo or Weber "combat action-adventure in the stars" tale... A must read.

— T. Jackson King

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Incredible, deep characters that make you feel like you care about them. A story of the horror of technology and the personal struggle three men face. Unique and thought provoking, this is the best book I've ever read.

— AquaticMage

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It is to Science Fiction, more particularly to Military Science Fiction, what Catch 22 is to WWll fiction.

— cogitno

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I would put this as must read book. I have very few of those.

— Harold Phipps