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And Not Make Dreams Your Master

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Dream broadcasting is the latest entertainment medium. Wayne Corrigan and his colleagues at Dramatic Dreams can broadcast dreams directly into your mind as you sleep for the ultimate in personal adventure.

But when a mysterious malfunction occurs, Wayne is called on to enter a Dream started by another Dreamer. Once inside, he finds a situation run wild and people enslaved by the original Dreamer--a genius bent on self-destruction.

Now, tens of thousands of people--including the woman Wayne loves--are in danger of dying or going insane unless he can find some way to wrest control of the Dream away from a madman.

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It is an exciting, well-written story, that has made me question many of my own values and beliefs many times, since this book questions the inflexibility of fanaticism.

— sdube001

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I really enjoyed this one. Everyone, if you enjoy reading about real nightmare scenarios involving real nightmares dreamed up by a madman, check this one out.

— WT Sharpe