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Breakfalling for Martial Artists

Break falling for Martial Artists is now available! A complete course covering the basics of falling over with grace... and style! Perfect for traditional martial arts, as well as combat based martial arts. If you practice any martial arts - you're going to fall over... a lot... We may as well learn how to do it safely and effectively and it's a skill I feel can be neglected sometimes!

A necessary skill...

I remember walking into my first Muay Thai class and throwing a round kick, only for it to be caught and my back leg swept, leaving me staring at the ceiling wondering what had happened... thank god I knew how to fall!

I began my journey in martial arts at just 9 years old. After studying Karate forfew years or so, I moved on to Yoshinkan Aikido, a traditional system featuring locks and throws. From my very first class, the basics of break falling was drilled in to me in order to receive the technique safely and progress my own level. 

I studied Aikido for 16 years, travelling to Australia to study full time and achieving the rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt.

However, I also cross trained and have experience in boxing, traditional Japanese Jiu-Jitsu, BJJ and MMA as well as some combatives.

No matter what I studied however, there was a need for some level of break falling and my time Aikido served me well doing this. 

If you study any form of martial art, you need learn to break fall correctly and safely, and this is what this course is for. 

To take you from a beginner level of break falling, up to an advanced level of flip falling.

What people are saying

I have been teaching break falls for over 20 years in martial arts. After watching and reviewing Dan's online course I can truly say that it really is excellent.

Whether you're new to break falls or a little advanced, there is something for everyone. 

You would struggle to find a better online course.

If you're still on the fence don’t be, try today it will be one of the best things you can do to learn this vital skill from your own home.

Andy Heap - 5th Dan Aikido AUE

I've just been through Dan's online break falling for Martial Artists tutorial and I can highly recommend it.

Every breakfall is explained concisely with different angles to help the user understand and see what's going on and how to achieve the desired result.

Dan's ease at performing break falls shows his experience and expertise and even though I have been teaching for a long time, I will be taking some helpful points from this course to help other students.

Tony Bailey - 7th Dan Ju-Jitsu

This is a great course on Break falls. 

I am not fond of the floor, and following this course made me much more confident in falling and rolling.

The information is well presented and clear, and the demonstrations clearly show, with the accompanying explanations how to perform the tasks smoothly and correctly. 

The progression from simple to complex makes this an excellent course to improve your confidence in falling and rolling. 

For those that are nervous of the floor and break falls, and to supplement the explanation of your teachers, this is a valuable resource for you. 

Glen Lobo - Silat Instructor

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