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Martial Masters Volume 1 Paperback

15 Martial Artists, 100s of years experience, 1 book.

Martial Masters documents the lives and inspirations of 15 of the top UK martial artists.

From traditional karate experts, to self defence specialists who have worked with the likes of Tom Cruise and Christian Bale, this book is the first to bring together top martial artists from different styles.

Martial Masters Volume 2 Paperback

Following the success of Martial Masters Volume 1, it is now time to present Martial Masters Volume 2!

With more of a combat sport focus, we have pioneers of Mixed Martial Arts, World Champion fighters in boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Olympic gold medalists among many others!

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MittMaster Affiliated Products

MittMaster Classics Collection

Over 4 Hours of Classic MittMaster Content for fundamental, intermediate and advanced pad drills including class drills and foundation level videos.

100 Kickboxing Lessons

Over 6 Hours of Content including Warm Up Drills, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Kickboxing lessons you can train and teach immediately.

Filipino Boxing Instructionals

8 Hours of Video Content, covering boxing, knees, elbows, trapping and footwork in Filipino Boxing. PLUS a special bonus section from a Filipino Boxing Grandmaster.

JKD for Combat Sports

73 Lessons on Bruce Lee's Jeet Kune Do applied to the combat sport arena. Covering areas such as Single Direct Attack, Trapping, Attack by Combination and more. Plus a FREE bonus seminar with a JKD legend.

Boxing Syllabus Course

Over 90 lessons covering everything from wrapping hands, to stance, defence, attack, sparring and footwork. Great for everyone from beginner level to amateur boxing level.

MIttMaster Drills for Kids

Over 120 lessons and 5 hours of content on great drills for kids. Includes lessons on warm ups, fitness and conditioning, motor skills, games and pad drills. Perfect for coaches or parents looking to up their child's skill.