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Our Third 24 Hour Challenge

On Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th August 2023, the crazy students of the Empower Martial Arts Academy based in Lincoln took part in 24 hours of martial arts classes.

In our wisdom, we decided to do this to raise money for Lincoln Foodbank, providing food to those who have fallen on hard times.

Our students took part in 24 hours of classes ranging from JKD, to MMA, BJJ, HEMA, and other acronyms too...

We raised over £3000 for the charity, but thought why stop there? Why don't we film some of the content... badly... and donate 50% of sales back to the Lincoln Foodbank again, creating hopefully, an evergreen source of material for our students and others, plus a constant revenue stream for the food bank.

24 Hours of Classes

So here for you! We present our 24 hour challenge videos with videos from Wing Chun, to MMA, Kickboxing to Muay Thai, Kali to BJJ!

Something for everyone and remember, 50% of every sale will go to the Lincoln Foodbank.

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24 Hour Challenge


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