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Find out all about our different programs and instructors.

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Adult Program

Fitness, self defence, friendship and developing a new skill is what you will find in our Empower Adult Regular Classes.

Kids Program

Dedicated kids programs focusing on fitness, confidence, life skills and discipline for our Mini Ninjas and Juniors.

Online Program

We have an ever-growing collection of online courses from a range of disciplines and suitable for varying levels from beginner to advanced.

Train with us even if you can't get to our full time location!

Adult Program

Our adult sessions are perfect for those wanting to improve their fitness, join a fun community, and learn some new skills!

Our syllabus takes from modern styles such as Boxing and MMA as well as traditional styles such as Jeet Kune Do and Kali, coupled with self defence training.

We have students who just love to train and that's awesome! We also have students who want to grade and progress up to black grade with us. There are also those who wish to test their skills and compete in the ring in either kickboxing or boxing.

Kids Program

Our kids program is a great introduction to martial arts. Your child will increase in confidence, discipline and fitness levels through regular training with us at Empower Martial Arts Academy.

Our classes are made to be fun! We find that kids retain information better when classes are made fun and interactive. There are plenty of functional games and drills in our classes to build both technique and fitness levels.

Our grading structure and Junior Leadership Program mean that your child will always have something to aim for, be it their next grade, or next level if they choose to join our junior instructor program in the future. 

Online Program

Our Online program is a new area for us, but we have big plans for it!

We will regularly be uploading new courses for you to learn from, including guest instructors, grading syllabi and much more!

We also have a merchandise and product page with kit available to purchase such as t-shirts, hoodies as well as books and training aids.