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Worldview: Understand the Times Workbook

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Let's Learn about Worldviews with Understanding the Times, DVDs, Role Playing, Drama, Humor, & Group Discussions!

We are bombarded on every side with an assortment of worldview propaganda that assaults our Christian values and way of life.

A Christian Worldview, based on the Word of God, is the lens through which a Christian views all of life. God made us, He owns us, and His Word is our blueprint for living.

This course will help you, before you head off to college, the workplace, or to raise a family, to clearly define what a Christian Worldview is and to recognize the other worldviews trying to entice us away from the Lord: Humanism, Socialism, Islam, New Age, and Post-Modernism. After taking this course, our teen will recognize worldviews in the books he reads, the movies he watches, and the professors he listens to.

This workbook's textbook is Understanding the Times by David Noebel.

Next to the Bible, Understanding the Times is one of the resources around for learning about worldviews.

You will need…
Understanding the Times by David Noebel
How Then Shall We Live DVD series (Francis Schaeffer)
Demolishing Strongholds DVD series (Answers in Genesis)
A Sense of Adventure

You will….
Read Understanding the Times
Discuss with Parents or in a Group Setting
Role Play & Create Skits
Evaluate TV Shows, Movies, & Books
Play Games

Combined with Understanding the Times, Worldview: Understand the Times Workbook creates a one-credit high school Philosophy course.

Series: Homeschooling High School to Glory of God
Publisher: Powerline Productions
Paperback: 140 pages
Age/Grade: High School & Adult

You will get a PDF (9MB) file

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