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Unseen Prose Practise Question: The Yellow Wallpaper

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This resource takes you through the process of an unseen prose practice exam - where you’re given an extract from a longer story or novel to analyse in detail. As there is no context, you would be expected to treat this exam as a close reading task - the purpose is to identify a lot of form, structure and language features, and use those to analyse the piece deeply, whilst focusing on the question.

An unseen prose practise question for GCSE or A Level (age 14-18), aimed at helping students to understand the format of unseen exams. The extract is from Perkins-Gilman’s brilliant short story, ‘The Yellow Wallpaper’

This 6-page digital + printable pdf resource includes:

  • Background information
  • The question + guidance
  • The extract
  • Writing task
  • Example plan
  • Further tasks + exercises

Reasons to love this resource:

  • Great for practising exam technique
  • A high quality literary extract that challenges students to analyse deeply
  • Lots of guidance and support, including an example plan

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You will get a PDF (61KB) file