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A 7-step process for Unseen Poetry + Prose Questions

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Stuck on unseen exams? This resources provides an excellent, clear process for students to follow when answering unseen exam questions - aimed at helping them to become more confident with their planning, organisation and exam technique. Includes sample questions. Perfect for GCSE, iGCSE and A Level students.

This 6-page digital + printable pdf resource includes:

  • The 7-step process
  • Example unseen poetry questions
  • Unseen poetry question + poem: Neutral Tones
  • Example unseen prose questions
  • Unseen prose question + extract: The Grapes of Wrath
  • Study tasks that help students to practise essay planning and writing

Reasons to love this resource:

  • Great for practising exam technique
  • Lots of practise questions, with interesting and engaging literary texts
  • A clear, guided process for tackling any unseen question

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You will get a PDF (63KB) file