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A* Grade AS + A Level Unseen Prose Answer (Timed Conditions)

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A full mark / A* grade A Level example answer written in response to an AQA English Literature ‘Modern Times’ past paper question. This is the type of essay you’ll find at the college or university level, as well as in A Level exams such as OCR American Literature ‘Comparative and Contextual Study’, WJEC’S Unseen Component 3 and more.


Explore the significance of the emptiness of modern life in this extract. Remember to include in your answer a relevant detailed analysis of the ways that Yates shapes meanings.

This 7-page digital + printable pdf resource includes:

  • The exam question (AQA Modern Times past paper, contextual study)
  • The extract
  • The A* grade model essay answer
  • A series of tasks and exercises helping students to reflect on the model answer and develop their own response

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You will get a PDF (88KB) file