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Weight Loss 101: A Comprehensive, Evidence-Based Discussion Of “Best Practices” At Any Age

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In this to-the-point, no-frills workshop, I dive into what research suggests about permanent weight loss at 30, 40, 50, and 60+. 

You'll walk away understanding exactly how to...
  • Set up a movement/exercise plan that works for you (and doesn't suck!)
  • Determine your calorie deficit, daily protein target, and fiber goal
  • Create balanced plates so that you feel full, satisfied, and less "snacky"
  • Lose weight during menopause and/or with potential hormone imbalances
  • Measure progress without using the scale
  • Release the mental weight of past dieting "failures"
  • Adopt an everything-in-moderation mindset so that you can lose weight while enjoying all foods
  • …and more! 
But that's not all!

I'm attaching 3 BONUSES that'll make your nutrition + weight loss journey easier and more enjoyable:
  1. An 18-page guide that teaches you how to balance your plate so that you can reach your body composition goals WITHOUT tracking calories (if you don't wanna track)
  2. A weekly habit tracker that'll help you stay consistent with healthy habits long-term
  3. A comprehensive list of fridge, freezer, and pantry staples that'll help you boost the protein + fiber content of meals & snacks
Ultimately, my goal is to help you STOP yo-yo dieting and START living a healthy, active lifestyle you’re proud of.

Sustainable weight loss doesn't have to be so confusing and difficult—I promise! ❤️
You will get the following files:
  • MP4 (262MB)
  • PDF (9MB)
  • PDF (7MB)
  • PDF (307KB)
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