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FREE SAMPLE - Zak Bates Eco-Adventures Coloring & Activity Book: For Kids & Animal Lovers of All Ages

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A Free Sample for Kids & Animal Lovers of All Ages

The beloved characters of the Zak Bates Eco-adventure series come alive in this fun-loving coloring and activity book perfect for kids as well as animal lovers of all ages.

The book includes illustrations by the young artist, Elanor Frei, of the series:
  • Dominion Over All
  • Endangered
  • Ghost Elephant, and
  • Junkyard Dogs
A fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. Activities include Word Search, Crosswords, a Reading Log, and Write Your Own Story exercise.

NOTE: The full version contains 30 coloring pages and is available as an immediate PDF download at: for only $4.99.  Start the full adventure today because who doesn't enjoy relaxing as you create your own works of art.
You will get a PDF (7MB) file

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