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Rabble: Quality Paperback of Book 2 of the Cosmic Conspiracy series (Paperback)

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To save mankind, one boy must search for aid beyond his race —

Rabble is available for preorder as a quality paperback at the preorder price of $9.95. The publication and release date is October 31, 2021. By purchasing directly from the author here, you'll receive the first thirteen chapters now along with a 50% off coupon code for Babble, book one of the series.

Having been separated from his mother when Green Bank was commandeered by the Cosmics, Bobbie Cagle is left with Imago, the extraterrestrial guide who somehow saved him from catastrophe. 

Forced into hiding after being labeled a terrorist, Bobbie develops his telepathic powers under the tutelage of Imago, and the results prove staggering. Will they, however, be nearly enough to find endangered Angie and bring Earth back from the brink?

After all, Bobbie isn’t the only one who’s growing stronger. A merger between Matthew Morritee and Prime Gargon all but ensures a dark age for humanity—unless their plot is brought to light. In seeking immortality, the sinister elite will stop at nothing to succeed.

Communicating as only he can, young Bobbie must amass a motley interspecies band of saviors. Time is running out . . .           

In Book 2 of Orrin Jason Bradford’s sprawling Cosmic Conspiracy Series, the stakes mount ever higher, and the thrills are truly out of this world. Pick up your copy today because you really need just one more conspiracy in your life.

Rabble is available for preorder as an ebook or quality paperback at preorder savings. The publication and release date is October 31, 2021.

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