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Demons of Oblivion: The Series

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A narcissistic vampire assassin. A demon-hunting nun. A sociopathic part-demon mercenary. A very dead witch. When the apocalypse is nigh, these very different women and their friends come together to uncover a secret society, unravel a demonic prophecy, battle big bads, and (MAYBE) save the world.

If they don't kill each other first.

Warning: this release contains many explosions, a lot of snark, frequent homicide, naughty words, sexy times, and a saber-tooth cat named Rodney Ballsgalore.

Table of Contents:
Bloodlines (Book One)
Thrall (Short Story)
Hunter (Book Two)
Malice (Short Story)
Lineage (Book Three)
Sunrise (Short Story)
Whiskey Sour (Short Story)
Exhumed (Book Four)
Fated (Short Story)
Tales from Alchemy Red: Prey (Short Story)
Oblivion (Book Five)
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