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The Winter Stone: The Complete My Winter Wolf Collection

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Join Akira and her new wolf pack as they embark on a quest for the Winter Stone. Along the way, they'll have to learn to work together, in friendship, romance, and in battle.

The Winter Stone Collection includes all three books of the My Winter Wolf Trilogy following Akira, the prequel, and Danny's story.

Wolf's Whisper

Wolf's Echo

Wolf's Howl

Squad Of Wolves

White Wolf Black Wolf
You will get a PDF (49KB) file

Please Be My Love (Rainbow Central)


Wolf's Echo (My Winter Wolf #2)


The Case Of The Night Mark (Samantha Rain Mysteries #1)


Bittersweet Journey (Grimm's Dweller #2)


Twisted Princesses: The Complete Series


Battle Of The Valkyrie: The Afterlife Academy: Valkyrie 5-7


Heir Of The East Duology


Valkyrie 105 (The Afterlife Academy: Valkyrie #5)


The Case Of The Ruby Curse (Samantha Rain Mysteries #3)


Wolf's Whisper (My Winter Wolf #1)