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Teatime Washcloth

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This little picture cloth uses textured knit and purl stitches to create dimension. The little bumps have a technical name: nupps. In needle knitting, nupps have a scary reputation, but they are very easy to work on a knitting loom. The pattern is written step-by-step, line by line. In the Easy to Read, large print version, a chart is included, but it is not necessary to knit the cloth. Each line of the chart is two rows, working in both directions. The chart is color-coded instead using symbols, for easier reference. In addition, a separate file formatted to be read clearly by screen reader software or any read aloud program is also included. This file does not include the chart. It has all the features of the Easy to Read version, and in addition, includes no abbreviations.

This pattern was originally published in "The Great Loom Knitting Gift Project" ebook, now out of print.

Sizes: 6.25, 7, or 8.5 inches square (1/4 fine gauge loom, 3/8 fine gauge loom or 3/8 small gauge loom)

Looms: 34 pegs flat knit on a ¼ fine gauge, 3/8 fine gauge or 3/8 small gauge loom; sample made on 3/8 small gauge loom

Gauge: ¼ fine gauge: 6 stitches by 12 rows equal inch; 3/8 fine gauge: 5 stitches by 10 rows equal inch; 3/8 small gauge: 4 stitches by 8 rows equal inch; all measurements are in garter stitch

This is an easier to read and screen reader accessible pattern. It features:
24 point large print sans serif font
All black text
Single columns
Breaks between paragraphs
Descriptive photo captions and alt text
No abbreviations in the screen reader version
A chart is included in the large print file, but not needed to complete the pattern
Enlarged graphics and photos
Alt text in the screen reader file
No footnotes
No italics
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (1MB)
  • PDF (1MB)