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Cozy Cable Collection


Kitten's Lost Mittens


Sea Glass Wrap


Small Shawls and Tea Parties


Writing Accessible Patterns for the Blind and Print Challenged


Checkers For Tea


Wingspan for Loom Knitters e-book


Little Scarves, Too: Eight Flexible Patterns for Loom Knitters


Little Scarves: Baktus and Karius for the Loom


Fuschia Cloth for the Loom


Simple Lace Wrap


Everday Beret


Shetland Islands Cowl


Leafy Sea Dragon Scarf


About Me

Renee has been designing loom knitting patterns for the past 11 years. Her patterns feature clear, step-by-step directions that are geared toward loom knitters - not needle knitters - and allow even new knitters to work on innovative patterns. Renee is the author of The Loom Knitter's Stitch Dictionary, Volumes One and Two. She has taught on-line classes for loom knitters and moderates the Loom Knitters and Loom-a-long groups on Ravelry. In addition, Renee works as a technical editor for loom knitting and an accessibility expert crochet, needle knit, and loom knit designers, software designers, websites and magazines. Renee's patterns are written in a large print, easy to read format and are screen reader and tablet friendly.