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A Thousand Fiendish Angels 3 Short Stories Audiobook

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Audiobook narrated by J.F. Penn, delivered with Bookfunnel

Three short stories inspired by Dante’s Inferno, linked by a book of human skin passed down through generations.

Sins of the Flesh

When the mutilated corpse of a wealthy author is discovered, the police officer sent to investigate finds a curious diary amongst the occult objects at the scene. Will he uncover the author’s secret at the ruined chapel, and will he pay the price that it demands?

Sins of Treachery

On the death of their Grandfather, twin brothers Simon and Gestas are left a map covered in alchemical symbols that could lead them to great wealth and power.

But they find more than they expected in the frozen wastes of the Arctic north …

Sins of Violence

In a brutal post-apocalyptic world, a young girl is about to be taken to The Minotaur for a Blessing that will end her innocence.

Can her sister gain access to the fortified city of Dis in time to stop the ritual and avenge her own lost youth?
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