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Unraveled Hearts Audiobook

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Hang on to friendship? Or risk it all for love?

I never meant to fall in love with her. Once, we were friends on the brink of something more, but my life took a turn and I had to disappear.

Now I’m back, but picking up where we left off is impossible. There’s someone new in her life—someone who doesn’t deserve her. And I’m keeping a secret that if exposed, will ruin any chance I have to win her back.

Just when I think I’ve beaten all the odds, the past I left behind returns, forcing an impossible choice between my obligation to make things right, or following my heart.  


**Unraveled Hearts is a slow-burn, intense romance wrapped up in a suspenseful, beautiful love story. It’s the second book in a trilogy and should be enjoyed after Entwined Hearts, book 1. **

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1 week ago

Just when you think everything is okay - BAM!

I love loved LOVED Dakota Davies’ second story in this series focussed on three rock climbers. In particular, I liked how the romantic relationship between Colby and Anya wasn’t linear, and that they keep having to deal with hurdles, just like in real life. The parts of the story where they’re rock climbing are so descriptive, I feel like I’m up there with them, smelling the rock dust and chalk (even though heights and I do not get along). I’m waiting impatiently for the final book in this series, Twisted Hearts - I just have to know how it ends!! Once again, Kelli Lyndsay and Jay Alder bring Colby and Anya to life and it's just fantastic.