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Exotic Zodiacal Positions in Synastry

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A note on dynamic synastry for incipient students by #RTRRT

One my friend, a simple sailor, thus not an astrologer neither remotely famous nobody; had a routine: he'd meet an attractive woman, somehow get to know her birth date thus calculated dynamic synastry by memory while exchanging pleasantries. Unawares, the “victim” never knew that he already learned the date of their next encounter, as well as such intricacies as LILIT VERA position through all horoscopes. Calculating e.g. reason for death – by memory - while walking cemeteries was standard training for incipient students in this Art.

Some elementary guidelines as follows. 2+5=7 experience level needed throughout said drill.

a)When and will said couple couplei? Selfsame as in when will I win at lottery, stocks, get laid, have kids, divorce or die? Simple math is selfsame.
b)Brute synastry is direct comparison of standard natal horoscopes. This method will alas seldom truly reveal anything of practical value or substantiate whether said couple will - well - couple at all. Example: you can have Mars in Cetus as opposed to partner's Venus in Hydra and – no matter will, opportunity and attraction are clearly there - nothing happens. Of course, a square is more potent and things will generally tend to happen. Synastry squares like 8MALV90VENE5. Also: to be noted that all synastry, LILIT VERA including, was reported from and by an epoch when people were generally healthy, food was genuine and a good proportion of the population was generally open to either romantic engagement or quite orgiastic experiment.
c)Dynamic synastry tells us when will the couple or trio break, start again or commit to further e,g, parental experiences. We generally address to the standard relationship midpoint horoscope as “Davison” albeit geographically as well as historically inaccurate, to say the least. Germans would exaggerate in making composite horoscopes for the whole of the enterprise that is blending even over 500 horoscopes.
d)The primary direction that we peruse is called that ditto primary direction. There are over 500 of such calculi where transits are least important, thus perused but only in determining minute second of the event. For that we peruse minute e.g. Apohele, lunar and ascendant ephemerids.
e)As love prediction is idiotically simple; one's love life – if any – can be easily as sequentially predicted by anyone in minutes by memory: no need for horoscopes, actually; at all. Anyone able to count to tenii can tell you when you'll marry next and that from raw data: usually not more than two numbers will do. The mysterious calculus will look something like 5+15=20 and that is usually the first incipient step in astrology: whoever can not predict your next love from two numbers never had anything to do with any astrology at all and probably never will1.
f)LILIT VERA will mysteriously act even within horary horoscopes, e.g. femme fatale will appear on the western horizon as LILIT VERA setting.
g)All #1008planets are important, especially sensual centaurs, but we tend to focus on basic planets and satellites, leaving full or special weaponry to/for special cases only.
h)All 67 horoscope positions are important, albeit traditionally southeast marks love.
i)The worst aspects ||:|:: are MA90JU and MA180JU.
j)Anyone will cheat with/on time but e,g, 8LVVE90NE5 natal makes for daily cheat while 8VE0NE stands for harlot, e.g. Sophia Loren.
k)Venusian afflictions to Neptune thus surely ad to martial jovial unbalance: one may say that someone with VE90NE and MA90JU is rightfully damned even without Unukalhai.
l)All romantic as well as deeply sexual, tantric plus more or less eternal aspects have been accurately studied as recorded and published on the site and www-wide, thus even after “humanity” deleted 45000 Hayagriva publications, one can still find soul mate. Offline, of course: generally speaking: although hmmm love over the phoneiii may be considered an incipient form of virtual sex.
m)If something does not happen by primary, it will or as well might with secondary angular, tertiary LV kinetic, quartiary and so forth; but it would be absurd to keep check upon all 555 directionsiv or so. For small fry flirt, even the least important of all: transits, will do. Even lunar transits will stir and skim2 swelling hearts, in most cases.
n)There are many things to say about synastry of which many have been said already.

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