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Shelometh Daughter of Yovov Wife of Ephron

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Shelometh has become the protector and helper of women in the ancient world, fighting battles alongside her husband and seeking justice for women treated like property and worse.

Shelometh lost the throne of the Hittite Empire, disgraced her husband, and forced the exile of Ephron and herself to Canaan. Yet she worked beside him and helped defeat the army of Sargon. As Queen of Hebron she helped unite the empire and almost died in childbirth. Can the friend of both Hagar and Sarah heal the breach created by running ahead of Adonai's will? Can Hagar help Shelometh uncover a shameful secret reaching into the soul of the Hittite and Mitanni Empires?

You don't want to miss any of the tales of Ephron the HittiteĀ and his family.
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