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Kalki 2017-2022-2025

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Kalki 2022 Pegasean Avatar (triune ascendants bis) horoscopes as (2017-2025) updated for the dragon ||| year 2022 (by) Hayagrivanantadevasesanaga (uvaca)

a)Avatars of course showcase exceptional horoscopes, e.g. a discretely known reincarnated lama has CINGVLA^^^ORIONIS ascendant, Palden Dorje Venus in Hydra and Kalki triune ascendant.
b)What is a horoscope? It is the map of the real sky plus such astral delicacies as seen by ditto seers: rishi like Prahlada Maharaj (invisible lokas) or Horoskopein only.
c)The original Kalki horoscope as published decades ago is herein horary welcome: let us see what this particular omen has to say about our Pegasean avatar as we sit in the midst of the Pegasean 2017-2025 era with Venus in Pegasus: as birth preceded and mid-pointed with present Venus in Scutum: always an important omen: what goes down with Venus in Hydra... you guessed it: and it's not merely China we are about.
d)What do we know about Kalki? Mostly everything worth disclosing: such as that he laughed at birth, has not two but three ascendants and of course saved the world.
e)We also know that he is of Totapuri lineage although said guru was inspired by him.
f)Saved the world? Rather proposed to save this world from itself: one must consider – even allow for some illusionary freedom of personal will e.g. to destroy passer by.

Nigh Kalki's original triune ascendant(s): (giant) Fox, Unicorn and Hydra = George 911 Bush (Canis Minor), Monoceros (Jolie); Hydra (Crowley, Cairo 1904 Aiwass).

Albeit at the epoch we already calculated the zodiac, Canis Minor was to remain under minute inspection for quite some time, years in fact: under “suspicion” as concern Moon's and even Pluto's entry: nowadays as fairly dismissed in a possibility: but you never know...

The maps are or should be fairly self-explanatory: even in a beginner?

Saturn 2022- 2-12 16h43m
Magnitude: 1.4
Diameter: 15.3 "
Illuminated Fraction: 1.000
Phase: 1 °
Distance: 10.8897 ua
Solar Distance: 9.9108 ua
Position Angle: 6.6
Pole inclination: 15.6
Sun inclination: 16.0
Central meridian: 217.89

J2000 RA: 21h17m13.23s DE:-16°41'08.3"
Date RA: 21h18m26.98s DE:-16°35'31.4"

Fiume 1 2022-2-12 16h43m ( TU + 1h00m )
Sideral Time : 2h12m
Hour Angle : 4h53m
Azimuth :+246°40'
Altitude :+00°00'

Rise : 6h59m Azimuth:+113°20'
Culmination : 11h53m
Set : 16h46m Azimuth:+246°40'

The Moon enters neither Orion nor Auriga this time around but does cross Cetus ||| of course.

SW is midst of 8th house while West is opposing ascendant thus descendant.

Venus is just out of Scutum (brahmacari).

Tekton is in the (12th) house of the rising Sun.

Fox (Bush), Hydra (Crowley) and Unicorn (Jolie) ascendants form triune or triple ascendant(s set).

Note that Aquila is not at all sweetly USA ascendant: Serpens Cauda is.

We already dedicated Grus and even Musca to present Aussie situation.

While Equuleus features with Delphinus within the next ascendant set, Damocles is centaur.

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