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Rise of the Spider Goddess: An Annotated Novel

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“Every new writer has a Rise of the Spider Goddess inside them. Now it’s been published, there’s no need to write it. Chock-full of essential advice, self-mockery, and compas­sion for the beginner, it’s a hilarious reminder that we all start somewhere.”

–Sean Williams, author of The Slug in the Sky (age 15) and the #1 NYT Bestseller Star Wars: The Force Un-leashed (age 39)

Rise of the Spider Goddess: An Annotated Novel

In 2006, DAW Books published Jim C. Hines’ debut novel Goblin Quest. But before Jig the goblin, before fairy tale princesses and magic librarians and spunky fire-spiders, there was Nakor the Purple, an elf who wanted nothing more than to stand around watching lovingly overdescribed sunrises with his pet owl Flame, who might actually be a falcon, depending on which chapter you’re reading.

This is Nakor’s story, written in 1995 and never before shared with the world. (For reasons that will soon be painfully clear.) Together with an angsty vampire, a pair of pixies, and a feisty young thief, Nakor must find a way to stop an Ancient Evil before she destroys the world. (Though, considering the relatively shallow worldbuilding, it’s not like there’s much to destroy...)

With more than 5000 words of bonus annotation and smart-ass commentary, this is a book that proves every author had to start somewhere, and most of the time, that place wasn’t very pretty.

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