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Red Hood's Revenge

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The assassin known as Red Riding Hood has a new target: Sleeping Beauty.


Humans and fairies have fought for generations to control the desert land of Arathea, home of Talia Malak-el-Dahshat, better known as Sleeping Beauty. For the first time since escaping the brambles, Talia returns to a home now ruled by her enemies, where Talia is under sentence of death. A sentence the assassin Roudette, the Lady of the Red Hood, is eager to carry out.


With Snow White and Danielle (Cinderella) at her side, Talia finds herself at the heart of the conflict between human and fairy, and targeted by an ancient threat that will soon ravage all of Arathea. Talia’s allies are few, but there are those who would rally behind their rightful princess. Talia didn’t intend to start a civil war, but she may have no choice.


Assuming Roudette doesn’t kill her first.

You will get a EPUB (1MB) file