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Public Speaking For Authors, Creatives And Other Introverts Audiobook Second Edition MP3 Format

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Audiobook written and narrated by Joanna Penn. Delivered by Bookfunnel.

Are you an author or creative preparing for success? Do you want to learn to speak effectively in front of an audience?

All successful creatives have to speak and present in public, whether that's at a festival, on a podcast or radio show, or as part of earning multiple streams of income. But you don’t have to be like Tony Robbins, bouncing around on stage with a booming voice and larger than life personality. You just have to be you and tell your story in your own way.

In this book, I'll share everything I know as a professional speaker, author, and introvert. It includes the practicalities of speaking, as well as mindset issues like anxiety, plus the business side if you want to make speaking an income stream. You will discover:

PART 1: Practicalities of Speaking

Types of speaking, deciding on your topic, preparation, managing your energy, tips for slide packs, handouts, workbooks and more, personal presentation, giving the talk, managing people, panels, feedback and testimonials, performance tips, improving your speaking over time.

PART 2: Mindset

Tackling public speaking anxiety and fear of public speaking, as well as how to grow your confidence and use your authentic story

PART 3: The Speaking Business

How to get speaking events, running your own events, marketing, generosity and networking with others, your speaker brand, website and speaker's page, professional photos, email marketing, content marketing, social media, video, audio, how much to charge, increasing your revenue streams, financial considerations.

Conclusion and next steps.
You will get a TXT (640B) file

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