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The Dancing Monkey (Ebook #8)

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“What I have to show you is over there,” the monkey said, pointing along the path towards where a small tree was just coming into flower. “Stay where you are and I’ll go and fetch it.” Then suddenly, without any warning, he kicked up his legs and ran off as fast as he could.

“What did you want to show us?” Honeybear called after him.

“My backside,” the monkey shouted over his shoulder, the laughter in his voice trickling back through the trees. “That’s what I wanted to show you. My backside, running away.”

Book 8 finds our friends helping Honeybear’s aunt Mara build her new home in the forest. But there is a troublesome monkey about who first tries to trick, then steal from them.

Meanwhile Potting is taking part in the annual pine marten tree climbing competition. The year before he had lost in the final but the result had not been fair. Potting knows his arch rival will try every trick he can, breaking the rules if necessary, so Potting will need to be at his very best and avoid foul play in order to win.