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Raven's Marsh (Ebook #11)

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“My name’s Polo,” the alligator said. “It’s really Polonius but Polo’s what my friends call me.” He turned his long head to the side and looked at each animal in turn.

“And your enemies?” Crosby asked, in a rather joking fashion. “What do they call you?”

The alligator stared somewhat coldly at the hare, until Crosby started to become uncomfortable and had to look away.

“They don’t usually get a chance to call me anything,” he replied, opening his mouth even wider to display his rows of shiny teeth.

In the eleventh story, Honeybear and Gerumph travel across Raven’s Marsh. It is a confusing place where everywhere looks the same as everywhere else. Hopelessly lost, they meet a familiar character who offers to show them the way.

Soon they come across the alligators of the marsh, who offer to ferry them downstream much faster than they can walk. The only catch is that they must first referee a Marshball match between two teams of alligators, a mad ball game with very few rules.

Honeybear and Gerumph agree to referee, but something shocking happens to stop the game – and perhaps their journey - being completed. Will they ever get out of Raven’s Marsh?