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Danger On The Cracked Way (Ebook #10)

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Gerumph caught up with Honeybear just as a large head appeared from a wide break in the ground.

“Look out,” he shouted.

The head had no hair and no eyes, or none that Gerumph could see, and a mouth full of pointed teeth, sharp as nails.

Honeybear jumped out of the way and the mouth opened wide: “CHAK CHAK CHAK,” it screamed out.

Book 10 starts with Gerumph having a very frustrating dream about trying to find a way into a lovely grove full of bananas. Before he can solve the puzzle, Honeybear wakes him up so they can set out on the long journey in search of her mother.

Right from the start there are delays which make Honeybear impatient and nowhere near as cautious as Gerumph thinks she should be. Consequently, and despite all the warnings she’s received, Honeybear takes a great risk and rushes headlong into danger. Gerumph reluctantly follows to try and keep his best friend safe, but feels sure they are heading for disaster.