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The Red Circle Ranch (Ebook #13)

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“Run,” said Gerumph urgently. Crouching down, they hurried away, heading towards the deeper darkness.

Seconds later, Honeybear heard Gerumph cry out.

Lights were now coming on all over the ranch, with shouting and the sound of a vehicle starting up.

The gorilla had been running close by. But now his steps faltered.

“I’m hit,” he called out. And then, “Go on. There’s nothing you can do.”

“He’s right,” she heard Douglas say, and realised he was flying above her somewhere. “You’ll only get hurt and caught as well.”

But Honeybear slowed down, not wanting to desert her friend.

“No, no, come on,” Douglas shrieked. “Come on.”

And in that moment, Honeybear knew he was right.

“Go,” the gorilla shouted, his words slurring badly. “Don’t stop, go now.”

And Honeybear ran as hard as she could into the darkness.

In the final story of the series, Honeybear and Gerumph arrive at the Red Circle Ranch. Right from the start things go badly. And when the friends are separated, and Honeybear finds out one of the captive animals is a bear, she knows she must risk everything to find Gerumph – and speak to the bear.

What Honeybear decides to do is very brave but puts them all in great danger.

In a dramatic ending full of twists and turns, the outcome remains in doubt almost to the final page.